Who Are We

We run a brick and mortar studio, augmented by a virtual studio structure supported by creative from around the world. We build teams that are suited to our client's budget as well as project needs. We can grow to include over 20 DSC team members and over 50 extended vendor team members when needed. It all depends on what is the most appropriate solution.

Most of our designers want to work from home and this helps to facilitate a quality of life and work that we all enjoy. Our resources range from the Canadian prairies, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, and the Caribbean. 

Here is a list of our core team, many of whom have been together for over 25 years.

Dean de St. Croix
Principal • Creative Director

Lana Van Tilburg
Senior Designer

Caleb Ackland
Account Director

Jeff Hildebrand
Production Designer

Roy De Giusti
Art Director

Sarah Power
Digital Strategist

Clare McGoldrich
Art Director