Cuba Cruise

We were asked to partner with Cuba Cruise in its infancy and played an integral role in establishing the brand while also sharing in the strategy of the cruise line throughout the world. Cuba Cruise created a market segment for cruising to Cuba that did not exist before. The slow opening of the market and legal restrictions in the US meant that Cuba Cruise could enter the market as the established leader. Most significantly, however, was the need for Cuba Cruise to gain the trust of the Cuban government and its people. Cuba Cruise had to be seen as a partner in the success of Cuba and step beyond the typical fear of a colonial type engagement with the island.

While setting the brand strategy we established the cruise line as an 'all-inclusive that moved': A resort that gave you an authentic Cuban expereince from the sea and its varied cultures, people and idiosyncrasies. We chose to highlight Cuba's Latin and Caribbean culture by combining a hybiscus flower with a Latin dancer. We also ensured that the identity was larger than life by painting it on the ship as a beacon – not only to travellers but to Cuba itself.
It was a particularly proud moment when our friends in Cuba told us how excited and proud they were to have our cruise ship enter its varied ports and to see the flower branding on the side of the ship.

Key deliverables: Brand Audit, Strategy, Experiential Design, Messaging, Digital, Design, Writing, Graphic Standards, Advertising, Uniforms, Media and Communications, Production

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