For more than 140 years, Foresters Financial has helped families plan for their financial future while making a difference in their communities. This is a company with a vast community footprint and intimate relationship with its members. Foresters Marketing strategies are firmly separated between sales and member support. The member group marketing team needed a system that supported the regional sales teams to help promote and support the varied local events and engagement that is the bedrock of the Foresters value proposition.

We needed to develop a system that used existing technology, readily available to everyone and accessible while sitting in a car making calls in the remote regions of South Dakota and beyond. It had to be easy, efficient, and quick to implement and understand.

We came up with a PDF-enabled template system to allow a wide variety of advertising and communications templates that could be modified easily using a personal computer and produced on the road. We created an image library resource of retouched and approved images that spoke to any number of possible needs and events requirements. The system was online and also available in binder form. The branding was evolved to further support the program and allow for flexibility while still keeping the brand within established guidelines.

Key deliverables: Design, Writing, Graphic Standards, Advertising, Production

DSC - Client - Foresters
DSC - Client - Foresters Ad Sample
DSC - Client - Foresters Print Sample
DSC - Client - Foresters Print Sample
  • DSC - Client - Foresters Ad Sample