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Kent Cartridge sits within the top 5 shotshell manufacturers in America. Kent products are respected for their simple design, effectiveness, and superior quality. With limited budgets in comparison to the "big three" manufacturers, Kent needs to be expressly focused on cutting through the clutter and making an impact in an environment that is saturated with lifestyle messages and larger-than-life personalities. Kent Cartridge, through innovation, strives to create better products that make the sport more memorable and enjoyable.

The Kent Cartridge founders came to us with a vision for how they wanted to change the shotshell industry. We started with a blank page and created a brand experience that lives on today with year-on-year growth since the very beginnings of the brand. In fact, the brand has been so successful that we regulary get customers commenting on how their fathers and grandfathers shot Kent and how wonderful the products are now "back". In actual fact, the product has only been around for 20 years, but the power of the brand speaks to a much greater history. We are proud to say we have been with Kent right from the beginning. By positioning the brand with history and tradition we overcame the initial challenge that Kent had in comparison to its main competitors. Two of the worlds most successful brands, Remington and Winchester, have hundreds of years worth of brand development and huge followings around the world. We knew we could not compete with them head to head, so we created a history and tradition for Kent by positioning the brand in a way that spoke to the experience of hunting.

Our proudest achievement is that we remain a key part of the development of the Kent brand after 20 years and each year we get excited about what will come next.

Key deliverables: Key deliverables: Strategy, Messaging, Digital, Design, Packaging, Writing, Art direction, Media management, Production

Silver Award for packaging & merchandising

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