Montessori Academy of London

The Montessori Academy of London began life as a small school run by the passionate mother of the current executive director. The school had grown to become one of North America's most respected Montessori accredited schools. With this growth came change and increased competition. The school needed to redefine its position to its audience and, most importantly, internally to its staff and students.

The process was personal and intimate, as many teachers had been present since the beginning of the school. There was an excitement for change that was firmly balanced with a resistence for change. There were opposing views of what it meant to be a Montessori school and some caution to not take the brand into the "mainstream”.

We wanted to be unique but inclusive and create something that not only spoke to the true fundamental nature of the Montessori philosophy but also allowed the students a brand they could own. We chose to highlight the Trinomial Cube. A three-dimensional puzzle made up of 27 wooden blocks, this puzzle is the physical representation of the trinomial formula: (a+b+c)3. It is also a foundational element of Montessori learning. It is multi dimensional and exemplifies exponential growth. Most importantly, it is tangible. It can be held it has structure and it can be built.

The brand has been embraced and well received among the students, parents and teachers. It is a great example of how brand can help transform peoples lives.

Key deliverables: Brand Audit, Strategy, Messaging, Design, Writing, Graphic Standards, Advertising, Media and Communications, Production

Montessori Academy