Spark Engagement

Spark Engagement was growing and evolving. The developing vision was demanding a new way of looking at the identity. It was imperative that the founder fully realised her position and value in the company and the process of the brand exercise forced that discussion. As a living model of Spark Engagement, Jacqueline Throop-Robinson’s work focuses on "sparking engagement" at all levels of an organization to strengthen performance. She does this by facilitating meaningful exchanges, deep collaboration, and dynamic solutions.

Spark Engagement is about consciously thinking and doing things differently, without relying on traditional command and control leadership mechanisms that stifle creativity and innovation. Instead, through the practice of conscious and mindful attention to what matters most, breakthrough leaders can create stimulating, engaging and inspirational environments, where people bring passion and an orientation of personal responsibility to work.

Key deliverables: Brand Audit, Strategy, Messaging, Design, Graphic Standards, Digital

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