Cruise North

Cruise North came to us to help them establish and create their identity at the birth of the cruise line. They were entrepreneurial, young, and were entering a niche market with few competitors. They were adventurers of the highest order.

Cruise North created itineraries in the far north but, and somewhat atypically, in the eastern part of northern Canada as well. This was to be a truly Canadian and Inuit experience that showcased the Nunavik North.

We evoked the spirit of "historical" cruising and the glory days of adventure and sea travel with deco inspired iconography and symbolism. We wanted the cruise to be an experience that, while adventurous, spoke to the journey as well: This was about fabulous food, culture and wildlife. Considerations were made to the added revenue streams of merchandising and retail product development; the brand had to stand on its own in that space as well. Competition was varied: Extremely expensive but very rugged on one end or mainstream, Alaska-based large ship cruising that offered a Disneyland experience that was short on reality.

Key deliverables: Brand Audit, Strategy, Messaging, Digital, Design, Writing, Graphic Standards, Advertising, Media and Communications, Production

Cruise North Brouchure Image
Cruise North Brouchure Image
Cruise North Image