Orchard Wood Designs

A group of old friends came to us and said….”We have a project I think you might be interested in…” they were right.

Much is happening right now in the world of Live Edge furniture. Not all of it is good. Low quality – marginal designs – and suspect wood. This is not about a box store piece of wood from Central America or who knows where. This is about quality unique designs that are as individual as every piece of wood and they are real stories created by the wood and OWD's customers.

OWD's had a good story they wanted to tell. A true story of passion and connections. A way to remind us all that these trees have been living among and around us much longer than we have and have shared our history intimately.

Every unique piece of wood has a story to tell made up of generations of seasons and growth cycles. By its very nature wood is generational, and a testament to strength, safety, protection and growth. A tree is a home.

Orchard Home Designs is a space where you can feel comfortable to be creative and be supported. It is a place where you can have your ideas translated into fine, exquisite pieces of exceptional beauty and design.

They are craftsmen and storytellers who write in wood. They are creative and passionate about realizing customers goals. They are listeners and translators of their customers stories.

"Furniture that tells your story."


Key deliverables: Brand Audit, Strategy, Messaging, Design, Writing, Graphic Standards, Digital Strategy – Social, Signage and Production

De St Croix Design - Idenitity Client - Work
De St Croix Design - Idenitity Client - Work
De St Croix Design - Idenitity Client - Work